Joe Phats

A Swang Hard artist for only 3 years now but has already worked with legends such as Lil Keke and Lil Flip.  From Victoria, TX. 

"I put on for my city." - Joe Phats 

Chico Cash

The youngest artist on the label.  And nothing like South Texas has seen before. "Fuck being broke, come on." - Chico


The newest addition but the most seasoned of us all.  This man put in work, period.  East coast vibe with a dirty south grunge.  "It's only mf." - Skryp

CA$H Tha Kid

Team heavy hitter.  Credibility like no other.  With the words to match.  "On Swang." - CA$H


The Original 361 heavy hitter.  P3 is veteran of the rap game.  His versatility is unrivaled and his arrival marks our entrance into the next level.  "It's not where you're from, it's how you're living." - P3